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Collaboration Systems Group

Collaboration Systems Group (CSG) provides proven and effective solutions for Wide Area Networking including WAN acceleration, data consolidation, Revit file sharing, BIM workflow, cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions, and network protection.

CSG Solutions are Aligned with Your Business Initiatives

The CSG difference is our ability to think creatively to align today’s technology to solve your business initiatives. One solution does not fit every customer.  To align appropriate solutions, CSG’s experienced personnel make it our business to know your business, your industry, and the challenges you face. 

WAN Experts and a Trusted Riverbed Partner

CSG solves some of the most challenging issues associated with  21st century wide area networking. CSG’s expertise also includes implementing Riverbed solutions. We are not a high volume reseller but vendors, like Riverbed, consider CSG a trusted partner and know us as experts in our field.

CSG is Focused on Your Success

We do not work for our vendors.  Collaboration Systems Group works for its customers, aligning product offerings from specific vendors like Riverbed that we have chosen based on their product functionality, our years of successful implementation, and how they conduct themselves in the business community.

Collaboration Systems Group

CSG solutions address network latency and bandwidth constraints
enabling real time project collaboration and file sharing.