Maximize Your Riverbed Implementation

Maximize your Riverbed implementation with CSG’s Steelhead Health checkup service. CSG’s checkup service ensures proper network configuration and overcomes network performance issues.

CSG’s “value add” is not limited to our industry experience, but also real services designed to help you overcome performance and configuration challenges associated with network upgrades and new network protocols.

Schedule Your CSG SteelHead Checkup

Schedule a SteelHead Health Checkup service whenever you have made changes to your network, including server version upgrades, new firewalls, etc. SteelHead performance is based on our configuration of the devices for your network, and our ability to support the new Microsoft protocols introduced with each new version of software. Riverbed’s annual maintenance programs give you access to all new software releases for your devices.

Let’s CSG’s experienced staff assist you in always keeping your SteelHead’s fine-tuned.

Not a CSG Riverbed customer? We’d love to have you join our family. The Health Checkup is also available as a paid service.

How Does CSG Improve Your Network’s Performance?

1. CSG supports the latest network protocols
2. CSG’s SteelHead checkup service fine-tunes your network’s performance by identifying and eliminating configuration and performance issues.