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Riverbed Advantages

Riverbed solutions:

  • Address network latency to enable real-time sharing
  • Are not a “work-around” but a real solution
  • Compatible with SQL and Oracle databases
  • Compatible with document management systems
  • Scalable: one office or 100 offices
  • Affordable:  smallest WAN accelerator device cost less than $3,000
  • Are available for the individual user:  SteelHead Mobile software
  • Passive device: Won’t bring your network down
  • Fully supports the BIM workflow
  • Zero Branch IT:  No Servers, No Storage, No Backup
  • Upgradable:  Grow as your office grows
  • Secure: No changes to network security
  • Cloud solutions available
  • CSG’s Proof of Concept is encouraged

Why Use Riverbed Products?

  • The industry leader
  • An established company that continues to provide the latest technology