Riverbed WAN Accelerators
Make It Easy to Share Large
3D Models

AEC (Architecture/Engineering/Construction) firms face major challenges in sharing large 3D models across WAN connections.  Riverbed’s SteelHead WAN accelerators are the most deployed solution in A/E/C firms, and for a reason.

Cost Effective SteelHead WAN Accelerators

As competitors have come and gone, Riverbed remains the industry leader in this space.  With WAN Accelerators starting at less than $3,000, small offices can enjoy the same kind of “all in one room feel” that large offices experience, at a fraction of the cost.  As those small offices grow over time, license upgrades are available to grow the SteelHead as well.

SteelHead Mobile For Remote Workers

SteelHead Mobile is a software client used by individuals when in the field; working from a home office, a construction trailer, or hotel.  SteelHead Mobile is also an excellent way to incorporate a consultant into your project workflow, without using a static FTP site for transfer…let them work with you!

Revit Compatible SteelHeads

SteelHeads are compatible with today’s complex AEC applications, like Revit. Revit’s “model centric” workflow creates data sharing obstacles not seen in our industry before.

Additional applications, such as document management systems, web-based accounting systems and Office 365, are all supported providing accelerated access to applications, increasing productivity, reducing bandwidth used, saving your organization time and money.

CSG’s advantage for AEC firms: Implementing Riverbed solutions to address network latency with WAN acceleration. Perfect for BIM workflow, Revit model sharing, and compatible with common AEC applications.