Riverbed for Banking/Financial

Banking and Financial institutions often rely upon thin clients at branch locations, or private intranets to connect back to the data center for business critical applications.  As bandwidth becomes cheaper, private lines are being replaced by public internet with VPN connections.

SteelConnect (SD-WAN) allows a management portal that takes advantage of multiple internet lines you may have, builds your VPN connections, applies Firewall on the connection, and gives you visibility across the enterprise.

Fusion Sync allows for two SteelFusion Core modules to work together at different sites.  Primary SteelFusion Core communicates with Secondary SteelFusion Core for an effective, automatic disaster recovery solution.  If the data center hosting the Primary SteelFusion Core were to go down, users can be pointed to the Secondary SteelFusion Core for continued production.

CSG provides banking and financial institutions with safe, secure solutions for business critical applications providing the flexibility and visibility
you need across your enterprise.