Riverbed for Retail

Retail companies face many of the same challenges that banks and financial institutions face. Typically, retail centers connect back to a data center using a private or public internet connection. The negative effects of network latency slow our retail centers down, as customers wait in line for the transactions to complete. Utilizing Riverbed’s SteelHead WAN accelerators can speed these transactions up, often times negating the need for costly bandwidth upgrades, and providing your customers with a better experience in your store.

Riverbed’s SteelFusion can be utilized to push typical H-R documents to the branch, and other vital information for that particular store, all being managed from the data center without having to worry about data backups in the stores. Utilizing SteelFusion’s Virtual Services Platform (VSP) allows you to host your Windows server on the appliance, as well, without the need for a standalone server at the retail site.

SteelConnect (SD-WAN) allows a management portal that takes advantage of multiple internet lines you may have, builds your VPN connections, applies Firewall on the connection, and gives you visibility across the enterprise.

CSG’s Riverbed solutions for retail provide your customers with a better
point of sale experience without the need for costly upgrades for additional bandwidth, or stand-alone servers.