Riverbed for Manufacturing

Manufacturing facilities can be spread across the country, North America, and the World.  Managing those remote facilities can take weeks of planning.  Oftentimes, we have minimal IT support in those remote facilities.

Riverbed’s SteelFusion provides benefits when managing remote facilities around the world.  SteelFusion consists of two modules; SteelFusion Core, at the data center, and SteelFusion Edge, at the remote facility.

SteelFusion Core allows corporate IT to manage all VMs from the data center, and push those VMs to the remote facilities.  Virtual Servers, VDI desktops, print queues, etc., can all be managed from the data center and through SteelFusion Core, pushed to the remote facilities.

A remote facility’s data can also be pinned to the SteelFusion Edge device at the remote site, enabling those users to have “local” access to that data, even during a WAN outage.

SteelConnect (SD-WAN) allows a management portal that takes advantage of multiple internet lines you may have, builds your VPN connections, applies Firewall on the connection, and gives you visibility across the enterprise.

Riverbed SteelFusion Core provides corporate IT with centralized control from the data center to manage all VMs and push those VMs to remote facilities.