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CSG Puts You
In Control of Your Network

You’re in control with CSG and Riverbed products. Whether you share data from your data center, or remote locations, from the cloud, your hybrid network, or with Revit sharing models, CSG puts you in control.

Riverbed Aternity
Aternity—for end user monitoring—closes the IT monitoring gap. With Aternity, you’ll gain immediate and actionable insight into end user interactions, device performance, and application performance.

Net Profiler
Net Profiler—for network performance management—analyzes network and application performance to help you identify and troubleshoot issues before they become a problem. It combines network flow data with packet-based performance metrics to provide: proactive monitoring, network analysis, analytic reporting, and dependency mapping.

Riverbed Steelhead WAN Acceleration
SteelHead WAN accelerators solve the problem of slow access, by addressing network latency to boost performance. If you need to share CAD files, or partner with multiple firms in multiple locations, a SteelHead solution can help you manage centrally, partner globally, work locally, in real time…at the speed of business.

Riverbed SteelConnect SD WAN
The Hybrid Network of Today is the Cloud Network of Tomorrow
The future of networking is software defined.
CSG can start you down the right path with an SD-WAN that includes “Auto-VPN” for fully meshed hybrid networks.

Riverbed SteelFusion Zero Branch IT
No Servers. No Storage. No Backup.
SteelFusion allows branch users the benefit of a local server, and the benefit of accessing their data locally…just like you’re smartphone.
Riverbed’s SteelFusion: Zero Branch IT. Welcome to the “21st Century WAN”

BlueBeam is a PDF creation, markup, and editing tool for Windows and tablets, and now including support for Mac. It also includes collaboration tools to share work with your design team, and Vu, a view-only tool.

address network latency with CSG products for real-time solutions