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Riverbed SteelHead: The Leader in WAN Acceleration

If you are frustrated by the slow speed of your network, you might need Riverbed’s SteelHead WAN acceleration.

Traditionally, there were two ways to address the slowness of accessing files over WAN/VPN connections. You could either move the data closer to the users, or move the users closer to the data. Remote desktop, and similar solutions, was a way of moving the user closer to the data negating the need to pull those large files over the connection. Many of today’s competitors utilize the “move the data closer to the user” strategy.

Riverbed’s SteelHead WAN Accelerators Address Network Latency

SteelHead WAN accelerators solve the problem of slow access, by addressing network latency to boost your network’s performance. Riverbed SteelHead implementation is fast, easy, and does not require network security changes, override of Microsoft’s file locking system, nor require replication of your data to the branch offices. The data can reside on your corporate server (or cloud) and allow remote users to access that one set of data as if they are all sitting in the same room as the server.

Share CAD Files in Real Time

Riverbed’s SteelHead technology is scalable from a single office with remote users, all the way up to a multi-office corporation. If you need to share CAD files, or partner with multiple firms in multiple locations, a Riverbed SteelHead solution can help you  manage centrally, partner globally, work locally, in real time…at the speed of business.