CSG Puts You In Control of Your Network

Whether you share data from your data center, remote locations or branch offices, from the cloud, your hybrid network, or with Revit sharing models, CSG puts you in control with innovative and scalable solutions to improve your network’s performance.

CSG’s Affordable SaaS Accelerator Service

CSG is now able to make SaaS Accelerator licenses available on a scale and a price point that makes financial sense for smaller customers. This monthly rental service is only available from CSG.

By working directly with CSG, medium and smaller sized businesses can now enjoy the benefits of an SaaS Accelerator. If a customer already has a client accelerator, it’s just a few dollars a month per user. If you need the client accelerator, CSG has some low cost options available.

Working From Anywhere

How To Optimize Your Off Prem Network Connections
To help you support your remote employee productivity, CSG (Collaboration Systems Group) can help you optimize at-home and off prem network connections, and deliver reliable performance of business-critical apps.

CSG Provides:

1. Mobile Client Acceleration
Ensures bandwidth optimization and performance—even in limited bandwidth situations—for your business critical applications and data

2. Home Office Acceleration
Removes the obstacle of slow connections for home-based workers, enabling productivity

3. SaaS Acceleration
For applications like O365/Sharepoint, salesforce.com, ServiceNow, and others. Saas acceleration provides employees with the speed they need to work efficiently.

Network Performance Management

Accedian Skylight

Accedian’s SkyLIGHT™ is a network performance management tool for small and medium sized businesses that need better visibility in their network (cloud, hybrid, LAN and WAN). Its easy to use interface allows you to monitor network flow, SaaS and application performance, and the end-user experience. You can learn more about network performance management tools for small and medium sized businesses here.


Aternity—for end user monitoring—closes the IT monitoring gap. With Aternity, you’ll gain immediate and actionable insight into end user interactions, device performance, and application performance.

Net Profiler

Net Profiler—for network performance management—analyzes network and application performance to help you identify and troubleshoot issues before they become a problem. It combines network flow data with packet-based performance metrics to provide: proactive monitoring, network analysis, analytic reporting, and dependency mapping.

WAN Acceleration and Management

Silver Peak SD-WAN

Silver Peak SD-WAN provides small and medium sized businesses with a business-first networking model to free your applications from the compromises of existing WAN approaches. Application performance, security, and routing are dictated by your business policies not by technology constraints. Silver Peak’s SD-WAN—a Gartner Quadrant leader— accelerates your network, delivers a high quality end user experience, and continually adapts to changing business needs and network conditions. Are you a good candidate for SD-WAN? You can learn more here.

Riverbed Steelhead WAN Acceleration

SteelHeads have a long and successful history of providing LAN-like speeds to data and applications across your Wide Area Network (WAN). As we move that data and those applications to the cloud, WAN and Cloud acceleration are just as important as ever ! In an age of increased high speed internet access, increased bandwidth does not address network latency, which the Steelheads address. Utilizing Cloud SteelHeads can reduce the amount of physical data that has to leave the cloud, on which you are assessed fees. So, SteelHeads not only address speed, but also can reduce your monthly Cloud access costs.

Riverbed SD WAN

The Hybrid Network of Today is the Cloud Network of Tomorrow
The future of networking is software defined.
CSG can start you down the right path with an SD-WAN that includes “Auto-VPN” for fully meshed hybrid networks.

Riverbed SteelFusion Zero Branch IT

No Servers. No Storage. No Backup.
SteelFusion allows branch users the benefit of a local server, and the benefit of accessing their data locally…just like you’re smartphone.
Riverbed’s SteelFusion: Zero Branch IT. Welcome to the “21st Century WAN”

Back-Up and Disaster Recovery

Morro Data

Morro Data provides cloud storage for small and medium sized businesses with simple, fast, affordable, enterprise-class storage and accelerated file distribution. Files are stored in the cloud, cached in the gateway, and synced globally providing instant disaster recovery. Its CacheDrive system is a great solution for small sized businesses. Learn more about Morro Data CacheDrive, and back-up and disaster solutions here.

File Sharing


The CSG BIMCloud is a project-based Revit model sharing solution that provides optimized access to your Revit Model, from our accelerated cloud-based server.

CSG BIMCloud is the perfect solution for:
Multi-office firm that needs a means of including personnel from other offices
Single office firm that is working with another consultant on a project
Multiple firms working together on a Revit project, where no firm wants to host the model for the team.


BlueBeam is a PDF creation, markup, and editing tool for Windows and tablets, and now including support for Mac. It also includes collaboration tools to share work with your design team, and Vu, a view-only tool.

address network latency with CSG products for real-time solutions