The CSG BIMCloud is a project-based Revit model sharing solution, used by customers all over the world. CSG BIMCloud has been providing the A/E/C industry with reliable and stable cloud-based solutions since 2010.  It’s perfect for Revit Model sharing and for anyone else who needs to share large 3D graphics and vector files.

CSG BIMCloud is the perfect solution for:

  • Multi-office firm that needs a means of including personnel from other offices
  • Single office firm that is working with another consultant on a project
  • Multiple firms working together on a Revit project, where no firm wants to host the model for the team

How Does CSG BIMCloud Work?

CSG’s BIMcloud Service provides optimized access to your Revit Model, from our server. A VPN connection is provided each user on your project.  A drive letter is mapped for the users (this drive letter must not be used for internal purposes)

Utilizing Riverbed’s Steelhead technology, your project team members, consisting of your own personnel and partner firms, can access and work live on your Revit model from our server, as if you are all in the same room.

No hardware is installed into your network!

Two batch files are provided each one. One connects the CSG BIMCloud VPN, and the other maps your drive. Use your own licensed Revit design software.

Traffic is accelerated by Steelhead Mobile on the project team member’s workstation, and the Steelhead appliance in front of the CSG BIMCloud server.

In most cases, installation takes less than 10 minutes, the service is repeatable, no changes are made to how you use Revit, and the users typically don’t even know the model they are working on is “in the cloud”.

CSG BIMCloud – Upgrade your Revit Model sharing through CSG’s accelerated cloud-based VPN connection.

Standard Business Edition: Fits for one company or multiple consultants

For each company working on the project, CSG will provide three Mobile accelerators for each firm. The project folder will be sized at 10GB per project. Cost per company is $175 per month, including the three mobile accelerators (3 users). There is a one-time setup fee of $145 per user on the project.

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