Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Everyone’s moving to the cloud. But moving to the cloud introduces latency in places it never was before negatively impacting:

• The end user experience
• Organizational productivity
• Company morale
• Your bottom line

How to Improve Network Performance


CSG provides productivity enhancing solutions for your digital transformation. By optimizing your Azure, AMS, or privately hosted cloud experience, we can provide the LAN-like speed you need to access, or share data and applications across your entire network.


CSG has the tools you’ll need to increase network performance (e.g., App, WAN, File Sharing) and improve worker productivity without sacrificing the end user’s experience.

LAN-Like Performance Across Your Network

Accelerate Your Network
Cloud-based solutions with LAN-like speed anywhere on your network (local, WAN, branch office, remote users, cloud) for every workforce application, running on any device, for any user.


Improve Your
Network’s Visibility

Moving To The Cloud Can Diminish Network Visibility
But, what if you had the ability to monitor network performance and the end user experience? What if you could eliminate problems before they started?

Now You Can Improve Network Visibility With:

Net Profiler
Net Profiler for network performance management—analyzes network and application performance to help you identify and troubleshoot issues before they become a problem.
It combines network flow data with packet-based performance metrics to provide:
• Proactive monitoring
• Network analysis
• Analytic reporting
• Dependency mapping

Aternity for end user monitoring—closes the IT monitoring gap. With Aternity, you’ll gain immediate and actionable insight into:
• End user interactions
• Device performance
• Application performance

Network Performance and End User Experience Monitoring

Increase Your Visibility—Close the IT Monitoring Gap.
End-to-end visibility into your network (local, WAN, and cloud) to monitor end user performance and network health.