ESP—Eveready Services Platform®: The Most Comprehensive Riverbed Support Solution

The Eveready Services Platform (ESP) has a host of features IT Departments will find useful when monitoring or managing Riverbed SteelHeads. ESP is built from experience with the goal of streamlining the troubleshooting processes and simplifying the time-consuming nature of managing SteelHead appliances.

The Eveready Services Platform® (ESP) is offered as a standalone monitoring and management tool that can be utilized internally or in conjunction with a managed service with the help of your trusted partner. And, you don’t have to be CSG’s Riverbed customer to take advantage of this great tool!

Key ESP Features

Automatic Remediation

ESP can resolve many common issues within Riverbed SteelHeads automatically before there is any impact to the network.

Access Key Analytics n

ESP Quick view – Allows you to see top and bottom performing devices and overall Optimization/KPI’s.

Access & Drill Down on Critical Information

With ESP GeoView – Interactive Map. Allowing you to have a high level and deep dive overview of all sites.

Real Time Alerts

ESP sends alerts when there are problems with Riverbed Devices. Currently, there are 55 alerts and counting.

Learn More About ESP

Do you need help managing your SteelHead and SteelFusion devices? CSG offers ESP—the Eveready Services Platform™—the most comprehensive monitoring and support system available.