Riverbed SteelFusion Zero Branch IT: No Servers. No Storage. No Backup.

Riverbed’s SteelFusion for your branch offices is equivalent to how you use your smart phone.

With your smartphone, you carry around your contacts and other information important for your daily functions. If your smartphone fails, you go to the smartphone store, get a new one, and all of your previous contacts and information are downloaded to your new smartphone from the cloud, resulting in you being on your way again in a matter of minutes.

Riverbed’s SteelFusion operates the same way for your servers and the data at the branch.

Riverbed’s SteelFusion pushes your virtual server(s) and data to the branch office, allowing branch users the benefit of a local server, and the benefit of accessing their data locally.

If the branch device fails, a replacement is installed and the virtual server(s) and data are pushed back to the branch, allowing branch functions to begin again, in just a matter of minutes. All without leaving the data center.

Riverbed’s SteelFusion: Zero Branch IT.  Welcome to the “21st Century WAN”