Work from Home is Here to Stay

Companies have been forced into a Work From Home/Work From Anywhere workforce for the past several months. In having to do so, we’ve learned that in many cases, our employees can be just as effective in performing their job functions from a home office, provided they can access their applications and data in similar speeds as in the office.

Without the pandemic, we likely would never have come to this conclusion. Now that we have, and with positive tests increasing across much of the country, it appears Work From Home (WFH) is here to stay. Many companies are looking to significantly scale down their office space, or eliminate it entirely, potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars per year.

IT now has to deal with several different internet connections for their home users. Different providers, different bandwidth availability, different latency. Yet, IT is tasked to make all the different connections work effectively. Home-based employees may also be fighting with other home-based workers, and with children playing games and taking classes online.

WAN Acceleration Improves Productivity for WFH Employees

WAN Acceleration has been around for many years. It is a proven technology that allows remote office employees to work across high latency connections to access their applications and data from the data center, at speeds nearly similar to if they were sitting in the datacenter themselves.

A new use-case is now in play for WAN Acceleration: The Work From Home employee. Using the Client Accelerator, Work From Home users can receive optimization over their existing internet connection, ensuring the speed and performance needed to do their jobs. Furthermore, based on how the client accelerator de-duplicates the data, we can remove up to 90% of the data traffic from that connection, leaving more bandwidth available to other users in the home.

Companies are also using more O365 with Sharepoint for serving out files for the home-based workforce. Adding the SaaS accelerator to the solution set for the work from home users provides the same benefits when accessing mail, group calendars, and files stored on Sharepoint.

Read The Case Study That Demonstrates How CSG Helped an Engineering Firm Improve WFH Performance

Collaboration Systems Group (CSG) can assist your company in providing Acceleration for the home-based employees, just as we did for Landform, a Civil Engineering firm headquartered in Minneapolis. Read their success story by clicking this link to the Landform WFH Case Study.

And, you can watch the Riverbed Virtual User’s Conference Working From Home Video Case Study featuring Landform’s Kevin Walgren

Working From Home

How To Optimize Your At Home Network Connections
To help you support your remote employee productivity, CSG (Collaboration Systems Group) can help you optimize at-home network connections, and deliver reliable performance of business-critical apps. CSG can provide:

1. Mobile Client Acceleration
Ensures bandwidth optimization and performance—even in limited bandwidth situations—for your business critical applications and data

2. Home Office Acceleration
Removes the obstacle of slow connections for home-based workers, enabling productivity

3. SaaS Acceleration
For applications like O365/Sharepoint,, ServiceNow, and others. Saas acceleration provides employees with the speed they need to work efficiently.

Watch This Video to Learn More 
Working From Anywhere