SaaS Accelerator Service

NEW! SaaS Accelerator for O365 As An Affordable Monthly Service

Many of us use Office 365 (Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint) from Microsoft. But, performance for these hosted (SaaS) applications can be very slow when accessing from a home office, or any office, with a high latency connection. Utilizing the SaaS Accelerator will make these applications feel local. However, due to minimum license requirements, we found many of our smaller businesses were priced out of this solution. Until now!

Now, smaller companies can get the benefit of Riverbed’s SaaS Acceleration through a unique licensing arrangement with CSG. Riverbed’s SaaS Accelerator improves the performance of hosted applications like O365, BOX,, ServiceNow, Veeva, Dynamics CRM and Teams stream.

CSG’s Affordable SaaS Accelerator Service

CSG is now able to make SaaS Accelerator licenses available on a scale and a price point that makes financial sense for smaller customers. This monthly rental service is only available from CSG. By working directly with CSG, medium and smaller sized businesses can now enjoy the benefits of an SaaS Accelerator. If a customer already has a client accelerator, it’s just a few dollars a month per user. If you need the client accelerator, CSG has some low cost options available.

CSG’s SaaS Acceleration Service Is Accessible to All (Not Just Riverbed Clients)
Whether you are an existing Riverbed customer, or you are not a Riverbed customer, there is nothing you need to purchase. CSG’s SaaS Acceleration Service provides everything you will need to turn your slow SaaS applications into highly productive applications to boost end user productivity, from wherever they are working.

Benefits of CSG’s SaaS Accelerator Service

Anywhere the laptop can connect to the internet, the user will experience much better performance when using any of these hosted applications, boosting their productivity.

1. Improved speed and performance when accessing O365 apps like Outlook, OneDrive, and SharePoint.
To the end user, it will feel like a local application.  

2. Reduced data usage provides the user with more available bandwidth. The end user who’s been working from home will immediately feel the difference…especially after sharing the same internet with additional people in the house for the past year.

3. CSG makes it easy for you. The end user doesn’t have to do anything either. The SaaS Accelerator license works directly with Riverbed’s client accelerator, which gets installed on the user’s laptop.